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Our Mission

We’re revolutionising the skills landscape across the public and private sector, revealing hidden talent, enhancing workforce agility, and elevating career opportunities.

Our Products

Attract, acquire, mobilise, retain, re-skill and up-skill talent from your workforce or customer community Skillsminer’s four stackable products – powered by the Occupational Knowledge Hub – enable you to build a more inclusive and productive workforce.

Attracting and Acquiring Talent for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

  • Mine your own talent pool: to fill vacancies quicker.
  • External talent: access to over 3 million profiles and CV’s.
  • Adapt to the new norm’s of proactive talent search.
  • Recruit based on skills not just previous experience.
  • Search for active talent.
  • We’ll do the heavy lifting with our recruitment bot.
  • Removing background and gender bias

Retaining & Mobilising Employees for HR and Line Managers

  • Succession Planning to find your next leaders
  • Deploy skills-suitable talent to projects and vacancies
  • Develop talent skills, knowledge and competencies
  • Save costs by avoiding expensive hiring and onboarding
  • Improve employee engagement with opportunities and learning

Skills and Employability caseload manager to improve living standards for Career Guidance and Employability Professionals

  • Caseload Management System: Organisational access to enable users to monitor profiles, engagement and support candidates with co-job searching functionality
  • Efficiencies: Reduce initial appointment times by up to 35% and subsequent job-searching sessions by 25%
  • Data Analytics: Detailed aggregated labour market supply & demand data and organisational
  • White labelling: Personalised instance with logos
  • Evidence-based decisions: Using comprehensive reporting
  • Personalised content: Use Skillzminer to deploy learning

Personalised Career Guidance and Progression for employees, jobseekers, learners, tenants, citizens and customers

  • Chatbot driven skills extraction mapping to suitable occupations
  • Skills-gap analysis
  • 1 million jobs
  • 50,000 video resources
  • 15,000 qualifications
  • 30,000 online courses / MOOCS
  • AI-driven Applications and CV Assistant
Access to
million jobs worldwide
More than
training resources
skills to reveal more jobs


“This platform and the tools within it will make job searching for our customers more accessible than ever before”

Kieran L. – Partnership Executive – Lennox Partnership 

“We want everyone to be able to achieve their full potential, and Skillsminer helps us to do that. We’re already starting to see the positive impact it can have on people’s lives by opening up career pathways people had never even thought of.”

Sean G. – Group Partnerships and Insight Manager – ACIS Group

Skillsminer was a huge help in making me feel more confident about potential career transitions at work”

Rhys B. – Customer Resolution Agent – British Gas

“I believe that Skillsminer have established a solid foundation to deliver incredible value to the economy. The technological solution is game-changing”

Douglas M. – Deputy CEO (BE-ST) – Chairman (South Lanarkshire College)

“I haven’t been able to work for a long time because of my health. Skillsminer’s resources and its ability to show me jobs that I can do has really boosted my confidence.“

Michael C. – Jobseeker

Discussion: How the Skillsminer Ecosystem Works


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