About us

We’re Skillsminer. We’re passionate about helping people to unearth their potential and shine in jobs they never knew they were capable of doing. 

We’re a team of experts from the world of teaching, employability and technology. We’ve come together to create something truly special: The world’s smartest job platform and skills-based talent marketplace. 

We’ve been perfecting our technology for years, and now it’s here. This is the future of job matching. By filling vacancies quicker and opening up more job opportunities to people, Skillsminer is helping to reduce the impact of unemployment on the local and national economy. And we’re supporting a more productive, progressive and engaged global workforce. 

We work with anyone who’s involved in finding people jobs and careers, as well as individuals looking for any type of employment opportunity. From school careers advisors to policy makers in government, we’re here to make a real and lasting difference to the way we all view the world of work. 

“I understand how and what my customers can do, what jobs are available to them and why. I can use this data to help them close skills gaps and to help local employers find the right candidates with great skills right on their doorstep.”

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