What is Skillsminer?

Skillsminer technology empowers individuals to create career pathways to employment. Our skills analysis tool translates individual’s abilities into new occupational areas.

How do you know what other occupations I can do?

This is what we specialise in. Our platform looks at you and your skills and calculates which occupations require those skills. We have nearly 3,000 occupations in our database meaning we can find your ideal career.

So whether you want to do something new, you have to do something new, or you don’t know what to do let us leverage your skills to identify the right career for you.

How do I use the filter and sort

We present a multitude of different occupational areas for you – that’s what we do. But if you feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices you can personalise your view to show a combination of preferred occupations, previous occupations, occupations based on your skills, occupations based on your styles or occupations based on your interests. You can even change the order in which they are shown.

What does my profile tell me?

Your profile aggregates all the skills you have told us about. It breaks it down into Skills, Styles and Interests.

Skills – These are the occupational skills, knowledge and competencies that you have acquired in previous jobs. You can express your expertise in these skills in the profile section as well.

Styles – The characterise your resilience, learning agility and brainpower which we analysed during your assessment.

Interests – We perform better and enjoy jobs we are interested in, so we analysed your interests during your assessment.

How do I use missions?

To improve our occupational skills we need work experience or training, and our interests don’t really change over time. But we can improve our speed, accuracy, complexity, commitment, control, confidence, adaptability, how we respond to feedback and how we learn ourselves. We don’t need to rely on someone else for that. Missions introduce you to these concepts so you can – if you wish – begin a voyage of self-discovery that will make you more employable as these are the latent skills that all employers look for and you need to succeed in a career.


For more guidance on how to get the most from our platform go to our Youtube page.

Am I chatting to a real person?

No. This is our chatbot you are chatting too. This virtual coach captures analyses individual’s skills and diagnosis self-directed career transition support.

Which job sites do you use?

We currently use Reed, Indeed and Jooble. Our personalised and automated job matching capability links individuals to over 100,000 vacancies across the UK

Why can’t I login?

Firstly you must have an account. That will either have been created on your behalf or you will have signed up. If you cannot access the account – firstly try resetting your password. If you had the account created for you and you still cannot access your account it may have been deactivated by your provider.


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Do you adhere to GDPR?

Yes, please see our policies section for more details.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer staff training as part of packages. Our approach is to train a super user who can then train other members of staff.

Do you offer demo’s?

Yes, visit https://www.skillsminer.ai/book-a-demo/ to book your slot.

Can we provide feedback and suggestions?

Yes, of course, we’d love to hear from you, drop us a line at enquiries@skillsminer.ai

How can a user delete their account?

End users can delete their own accounts in their settings. Staff members can only be deactivated due to parent / child relationship with end users. For full removal of all records, requests can be made via enquiries@skillsminer.ai

Do you comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)?

We comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as they are industry standard. Skillsminer is committed to making our websites accessible to everyone and to delivering a universally accessible user experience.

We strive to not only meet this goal but also surpass the requirements detailed in the Equality Act 2010 and our ongoing efforts to make improvements include rolling out new and updated features. We do not plan to develop our own tools, we will continue to adopt Google as they not only comply but are best in Class.

When will all data be deleted?

All data will be deleted upon termination of the contract. We are happy for users to continue to use Skillsminer via https://www.skillsminer.ai/find-your-perfect-job/ but account would need to be recreated.

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