Making your Pledge represents a powerful and pioneering shift towards being a truly purpose-led organisation committed to social mobility by committing to equitable recruitment.

We adopt open employee recruitment practices which promote a level playing field for people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.

To retain loyal and productive staff, and act ethically, we recognise the importance of maintaining a good working environment. To create a strong and positive working environment, we actively:

  • Encourage equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Accept the supply of labour is comprised of people in different positions, such as economic inactivity, underemployed or suffering in-work poverty
  • Look for talent based on their skills not just their previous job titles
  • Enable employees to work from home and provide an accessible workplace environment in our offices when employees need to attend in person.
  • Strive to create a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation, and unlawful discrimination.
  • Promote dignity and respect for all.
  • Recognise and value individual differences and the contributions of all staff.
  • Train managers and all other employees about their rights and responsibilities under the equality, diversity, and inclusion policy.
  • Base decisions concerning staff on merit (apart from in any necessary and limited exemptions and exceptions allowed under the 2010 Equality Act).
  • Operate a Whistleblowing Policy to encourage employees to express their concerns without fear of retaliation and a confidential disclosure process.
  • Offer a flexible and extensive benefits package to all employees, including private healthcare through Bupa, enhanced parental leave, and compassionate leave.

What employers can do for us

  • Make the pledge to work in partnership with us to maximise the potential of ex-offenders, young people at risk of offending, and people in recovery.
  • Create pathways to facilitate work placements, apprenticeships and salaried employment for these groups within your company.
  • Talking to us about how we can help you spend your apprenticeship levy pot to upskill people, improve social mobility and develop talent in your organisation

How the Skillsminer Social Mobility Pledge helps individuals

We recognise how circumstances have changed for YOU.

If you fit into one or more of the categories below then we can help:

  • Unemployed
  • Not on any benefits but looking to find work but on your terms
  • Looking for work in the gig economy, or for irregular work or part-time work
  • In education and looking for work
  • In-work but wanting a second job (or a better paid job)

How we help

We work with employers that sign a pledge to look at your skills and talent differently. They aren’t just interested in what job titles you’ve had in the past, they want to know about your skills. And if you don’t think you have many skills we can show you otherwise.

Just as importantly, employers signing the pledge take your individual circumstances into account. So, if you can’t work a 40 hour week, or you need support after a gap from employment, they are here to help you.

So whenever you see a vacancy with the “pledge” icon you know you can apply with confidence.

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