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Affordable Home Ownership - local authorities

“Affordable homes, employment, and skills are the key to a secure future. Without these essential elements of economic stability, it is impossible to build a prosperous life.” Minerva Tantoco – Political Economist

There is a growing movement in the United Kingdom of people campaigning for the right to affordable housing. The high cost of housing and renting, along with low wages and insecure employment, are making it impossible for many people to keep a roof over their heads. In this blog post, we’ll explore the links between employment and employability and affordable housing, and why supporting someone into work can be just as important as providing them with a cheap place to live.

The high cost of housing is a barrier to entry for many people looking to buy their first home.

The high cost of housing is a major thorn in the side of potential first-time home buyers. It’s unbelievable that due to restrictive economic policies and rising prices, these hardworking individuals are unable to buy a home or have access to housing opportunities. This issue needs urgent attention from policymakers so that we can provide people with the opportunity to own a house affordably and unlock their economic and employment potential.

Employment and employability are important factors in being able to afford a home.

Securing employment is critical for one to be able to purchase their own home. Yet, too often these days, employers focus more on having a job applicant’s resume reflect the right qualifications and experience instead of their character or overall employability. Employers should look beyond experience and previous successes; they should strive to consider the full range of an applicant’s qualities when it comes to filling a position. Doing so will help in finding individuals who not only have what it takes to do a job well but who also have high levels of employability that will benefit both the employees and employers right now and into the future.

There are programs available to help people with employment and employability issues.

For years, those affected by unemployment and underemployment have been neglected and overlooked. Thankfully, there are now myriad programs available to help individuals gain the knowledge, skills, and emotional security they need to make themselves competitive in the job-seeking market. However, it’s not enough for such programs to exist — awareness of them also needs to be raised so that people can access the tools that are already available to them. This means ending the stigma around unemployment and reaching out to those who may not otherwise even know these resources exist. Now is the time for us all to take action. Many social landlords offer programs to their tenants but how many programs reach their potential?

Everyone deserves a chance at affordable homeownership.

Despite employment being an often-cited measure of one’s ability to purchase real estate, there are countless individuals who continue to struggle in finding homeownership because of a lack of access to affordable housing. Everyone deserves the same chance at gaining a place for their family, irrespective of employment status. We must actively seek out ways to ensure that buying a home isn’t so out of reach for those looking to get on the property ladder. Affordability should not be something denied to anyone regardless of employment or income level. Investing in affordable housing initiatives is crucial in allowing everyone equal opportunity when striving towards homeownership.


It’s no secret that affordable home ownership is out of reach for most people. And with good reason – mortgage rates are high, property taxes are through the roof, and wages just don’t seem to be keeping up. So what can we do about it? Employment plays a major role in affordable home ownership. By opening up more opportunities for employment, we can help make affordable homeownership a reality for more people. And that’s why we’re offering our freemium package to share with your tenants. We also provide a free marketing toolkit to businesses who sign up for our freemium package. With this toolkit, you’ll have everything you need to get started on your path to creating affordable home ownership for all. Sign up now and let’s make this happen together!

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