The Cost of Living Crisis: What You Need to Know

The cost of living crisis is a real and pressing issue for many people across the UK. In this blog post, we will outline the key points that you need to know about the cost of living crisis. We will also provide information on housing associations and employability, as these are two key factors that are impacting people’s ability to cope with rising costs. Thank you for reading!

1. Housing Associations:

Housing associations are organisations that help people find and rent affordable housing. These organisations can provide valuable support for tenants in dealing with rising costs, such as providing advice on budgeting, housing benefit applications, access to employability support and information about local services.

2. Employability:

The cost of living crisis is impacting people’s ability to find and keep employment. Low wages, zero-hour contracts and high housing costs can make it difficult for people to secure regular work that is financially viable in the long-term. This is leading to widespread in-work poverty.

3. Inflation:

Inflation causes prices to rise over time and this has a direct impact on living standards. Rising housing costs can mean that people are paying more for housing and utilities, while wages remain stagnant.

4. Rising Debt:

The cost of living crisis has resulted in people taking out high-interest loans and credit cards to survive, which can have a long-term impact on their financial stability.

5. Government Support:

There are various government schemes that are designed to help people cope with the cost of living, such as welfare benefits, housing benefit and tax credits. In addition to this, local housing associations can provide additional support for tenants who are struggling financially

By understanding these points, we can begin to tackle the cost of living crisis and ensure that people have access to housing that is affordable and secure for the long term.

The conclusion:

Ultimately, tackling the cost of living crisis will require collaborative efforts between housing associations, employers and government to find solutions that help tenants cope with rising housing costs. By taking action now, we can ensure that everyone is able to access housing that is safe and secure for the long term. Thank you for reading!

In order to confront this crisis head-on, housing associations need to be proactive in ensuring their tenants are given the opportunity to increase their employability. This starts with providing access to affordable and good quality education and training courses, as well as offering support services that help residents find work. And it doesn’t stop there – landlords also need to consider how they can create an environment that makes it easier for tenants to find employment. This could mean working with local businesses to provide job opportunities or creating schemes that incentivize residents to take up employment. What measures have your housing association put in place to improve tenant employability? Sign up for our free marketing toolkit and receive regular updates on the latest industry news and best practices. You’ll also get access to our freemium package allowing free access for your tenants to our platform.

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