The Importance of Digital Transformation for Housing Associations

Digital Transformation - Housing Associations

Digital transformation is heating up as a top business priority. And for good reason: those who manage to digitally transform their organisations will have a significant competitive advantage. But digital transformation isn’t just about technology. It’s also about how landlords improve services for their tenants. Employment and employability are two areas that can be directly improved by digital transformation initiatives. Here’s a closer look at why this is the case and what housing associations can do to ensure that their tenants are ready for the digital age.

Digital transformation versus digitisation

Housing associations have much to benefit from a digital transformation approach. Digital transformation isn’t just about adopting technology, or ‘digitising’ an organisation; it means fundamentally changing how the organisation works to improve customer service, save costs and increase efficiency. By recognising this distinction, Housing Associations can begin to create an innovative environment which empowers their tenants with the tools and resources they never had before. With the right combination of people and processes Housing Associations can determine how best to adopt technology and digital transformation services. This ensures that the Housing Association is better able to serve its customer’s needs.

The three key drivers of digital transformation

Housing Associations have a unique opportunity to use digital transformation as an engine for tenant employment. Through technology, these housing organisations can quickly and conveniently connect tenants to jobs and increase employment rates. Whilst at the same time creating enhanced tenant engagement and tenancy sustainment.

The three key drivers of digital transformation in tenant employment are automation, data intelligence, and a seamless customer experience. Automation allows Housing Associations to automate mundane procedures that allow tenants quicker access to available job opportunities. Data intelligence offers insights into current labour markets that can then be used develop briefs tailored to a tenant’s profile. Finally, Housing associations have the power to provide see-through, automated processes for all applicants to access relevant information about job openings in one place. Digital tools, like Skillzminer, offer all these drivers in one package. Digital transformation is paramount for Housing associations as it enables mutual success for Housing organisations and tenants alike. This drives an increased level of competitiveness in the housing market.

The benefits for Housing Associations

Housing associations need to take the initiative when it comes to digital transformation and its impact on the employment and employability of their tenants. As technology advances, Housing associations must ensure that their tenants have access to the learning and employment opportunities made available by Digital Transformation. By investing in services that provide training, advice and employment opportunities Housing Associations can help bridge the digital skills gap between their tenants and the opportunities available from digital transformation. Investing in such services not only benefits those who use them; it also helps Housing Associations ensure that their communities are equipped for current job market requirements as well as being prepared for any changes to come with future technological advances.

Examples of successful digital transformations campaigns

Housing associations are increasingly embracing digital transformation to ensure mutually beneficial referrals for tenants seeking employment. One notable example of a successful transition to digital processes is Orbit, a ground-breaking housing association in the UK which consistently aims to provide an accessible and equitable recruitment system to benefit both employers and customers. Orbit has adopted an innovative online platform which offers job seekers access to employment opportunities by connecting them directly with employers within the local region. This digital transformation has enabled Orbit to help hundreds of tenants secure suitable jobs in the area, allowing them to start earning and gain greater financial stability. The shift towards embracing digital technologies has enabled Orbit to make great strides toward its goal of creating more opportunities for vulnerable people in their communities. There are off-the-shelf products like Skillzminer which offer all of the above in one ecosystem.


As the world increasingly goes digital, it’s more important than ever for housing associations to prioritise digital transformation. By doing so, they can not only stay ahead of the curve but also improve employment and employability outcomes for their tenants. There are several ways to make this happen, and at Skillzminer, we’re committed to helping Housing Associations succeed in the digital age. Sign up for our freemium package today and see how easy it is to get started with digital transformation in your organisation.

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