Skills Gaps: What They Are and How You Can Address Them

Skills Gaps and their impact on Housing Associations

In a perfect world, everyone would have the same skills. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Employers are constantly looking for employees with the specific skills they need to help their business grow. Sometimes, these skills gaps exist within an organisation, and other times they exist within potential employees. No matter where the gap exists, it needs to be addressed. In this blog post, we will discuss what skills gaps are and how you can address them!

1. What Are Skills Gaps?

A skills gap is the difference between the skills required by an employer and those possessed by the potential employee. Employers are always looking for candidates with specific qualities, qualifications, and experiences that can help their business succeed. When a candidate lacks these desired skills, there is a gap in their employability.

2. Why Are Employers Looking for Skills Gaps?

Employers are increasingly looking to fill skills gaps in their teams in order to remain competitive and stay ahead of the curve. Employers look to fill skills gaps so that they can have the most qualified, experienced candidates with the right skills for their jobs.

3. How Can Employers Fill Skills Gaps?

Employers can fill skills gaps by providing training and development opportunities to employees. By offering employees the chance to learn new skills, employers can ensure that their teams have the qualifications and experience for the job. Employers can also look outside of their organisation to recruit potential candidates with the required skillset.

4. How Can Employees Fill Skills Gaps?

Employees can take advantage of training and development opportunities provided by their employer or look for alternative methods of learning new skills. There are many online courses and tutorials that employees can use to learn the skills they need to become more employable. Employers can also encourage employees to take courses in their field or expand their skillset by taking on side projects.

5. What Are the Benefits of Addressing Skills Gaps?

By addressing skills gaps, employers can ensure they have the most qualified candidates for the job and employees can become more employable in their field. Employers that address skills gaps will also have better retention rates, as employees feel more valued and appreciated when they have the chance to learn new skills. Employers who take the time to close these gaps will also be seen as forward-thinking and progressive, helping them stay competitive in their industry

By understanding what skills gaps are and how you can address them, employers and employees alike can benefit. Employers can ensure they have the right staff in place to help their business succeed, while employees can become more employable and expand their skillsets. Closing skills gaps is a win-win situation for both parties!


Skills gaps are an inevitable part of any business. Employers must take it upon themselves to fill these gaps by providing training and development opportunities to employees or looking outside of the organisation for potential candidates. Employees, too, must take initiative to learn new skills in order to become more employable. By addressing skills gaps, employers and employees can both benefit from a better understanding of what is required. Employers will have the most qualified staff and employees will be seen as more employable. Closing skills gaps is a win-win situation for everyone!

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