The 5 Biggest Reasons Why It’s Hard to Fill Vacancies

There are many reasons why it’s hard to fill vacancies. Sometimes the position just doesn’t attract the right people, or there are too few qualified candidates. Other times, the company might not be doing enough to find hidden talent. These are just some of the reasons why employers may struggle to fill vacancies. Here are the five biggest reasons why it’s hard to fill vacancies!

1. Company Culture

Company culture plays a huge role in how hard it is to fill vacancies.   Companies with poor management and negative work environments will struggle to get qualified candidates interested in their positions. Think about how you can increase diversity and inclusion in your organisation, not only is it great for the culture it has proven to increase productivity.

2. Hidden talent

Some employers fail to identify hidden talent, meaning they miss out on potential employees who may have the skills for the job but lack traditional credentials. Consider where and how you are sourcing your talent – we have more economically inactive people looking for work than unemployed people in the UK. Widen the talent pool search to reap the biggest rewards.

3. Lack of skills

Job seekers might not have the required skills to fill certain positions, creating a shortage of qualified candidates. Consider those all-important occupational skills, qualifications and transferable skills are there any you could compromise on and train for in exchange for a great candidate?

4. Location

Companies that are located in more rural areas may find it harder to attract applicants due to their location or lack of public transportation.  Consider,  hybrid and remote work solutions, they can be attractive to people.

5. Competitive Salary & Benefits

If employers are offering low wages and no staff benefits for a job, it can make it difficult to find candidates willing to take the position. Remember it’s not always about the salary, benefits, flexibility and training with the right culture for some people are a winning solution.

In Conclusion

Employers need to understand these common challenges and take appropriate steps to overcome them to attract the best talent for their open positions. Doing so will ensure employers can fill vacancies quickly and easily.

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