Improved data insight on tenants’ skills and employment status

“Data can be a powerful tool for understanding and aiding the employment and skills of people, but when used responsibly, it has the opportunity to create positive change.” — Hilary Mason, Data Scientist.

Housing associations must have access to accurate and up-to-date data on the skills and employability of their tenants. This information helps organisations target their services more effectively, design better interventions and ultimately improve outcomes for residents. However, recent research has shown that many housing associations are not collecting this data systematically or using it to inform their work. In light of this, we argue that improved data collection and analysis on tenants’ skills and employability status is essential to help housing associations provide effective support to residents. We outline some key recommendations for how this could be done in practice.

The latest data on tenant skills and employability status

Everyone is aware that economic insecurity due to the pandemic has been hard on tenants, but the latest data about tenant skills and employability status paints an even starker picture. Skillset levels of tenants have dropped dramatically and those entering the job market are facing a major uphill battle Thus, effective and targeted support programs are essential to ensure that tenants can restart their careers and remain resilient in this challenging environment. Housing Associations should also focus on providing employment opportunities to tenants which will help them move forward while contributing to the economy as a whole.

How this data can help landlords improve their tenancy sustainment

Having access to accurate and up-to-date reports of tenant data can be a key factor in improving tenancy sustainment for landlords. Having an understanding of the entire tenancy cycle can help landlords focus their attention on the areas where improvements are most needed, from the initial tenant screening process to ongoing support and assistance. This can ultimately lead to better relationships between tenants and landlords, through improved communication and engagement with tenants that go beyond lease expiry dates. As a result, both sides get what they need: more satisfied tenants and more secure tenancies for landlords. It’s a win-win situation that comes when landlords have access to valuable data on their tenancies!

What landlords can do to encourage tenants to develop their skills and employment opportunities

Landlords have the power to make a real difference in the employability of their tenants. One method is to provide access to adequate educational resources, such as on-site classes or career guidance centres. With robust employability programs or access to online tools such as Skillzminer landlords can empower their tenants to gain the skills they need to be successful in their job searches and professional environments. Another way landlords can encourage employability is by arranging job fairs, providing volunteer opportunities, and connecting tenants with regional employers who may be interested in hiring them. The value that landlords can provide by investing in employability initiatives is invaluable – both for the individual and the community.

The benefits of improved tenant skills for the local community

The improved skills of tenants in the local community can have far-reaching benefits. Offering educational and employment-related training strengthens job prospects and allows individuals to increase their earning power, creating a more vibrant economy in the area. Better educational opportunities raise expectations of what can be achieved and foster active civic engagement and a sense of responsibility. The effects also transcend generations, ensuring that children are better equipped to meet the challenges of modern life. This additional funding supports vital infrastructures for the benefit of all members of the community, leading to healthier living standards both now and in the future. Investing in tenant skill improvement should be seen as an investment in citizens, businesses, learning environments and facilities: it creates a diverse, equitable society that benefits everyone.

How landlords can work with other organisations to support tenants in developing their skills

Working with employability organisations, utilising online employability platforms like Skillzminer and skill-based charitable initiatives can be hugely beneficial for tenants. It will provide a platform to gain access to employability skills and potentially help them into jobs. As a landlord, by forming lasting partnerships with employability organisations you will have the opportunity to actively help shape the lives of your tenants positively. Through these partnerships, individuals can learn new employability techniques as well as gain an understanding of workplace expectations. This is just one-way landlords can provide additional support for their tenants. By proactively reaching out to employability organisations, landlords can greatly enhance the lives of their tenants, creating better futures for all involved whilst also increasing tenant retention rates in the long term.


Having up-to-date data on your tenants’ skills and employability status can help you make decisions about services and support that will best meet their needs. It can also help you to identify individuals who may need extra assistance in finding employment. Our freemium package includes tools and resources to help you collect and manage this important data. Sign up today and start helping your tenants move toward independence and self-sufficiency.

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