Levelling up agenda and the impact on Housing Associations

Levelling up agenda and the impact on Local Authorities

“The UK’s levelling up agenda presents a unique opportunity to ensure that everyone can access employment and skills opportunities regardless of where they live.” —Stephen Friedland, Employment & Skills Policy Analyst.

Housing associations are being urged to do more to help residents find employment, as part of the government’s wider Levelling Up Agenda. The importance of employment is clear: not only does it provide people with an income and a sense of purpose, but it also helps them to develop new skills and improve their well-being.

The government is therefore investing £2.5 billion in programmes to increase employability and skills across the country. This includes funding for housing associations to support residents in work, by providing advice and guidance, or by developing new initiatives such as supported internship schemes.

There is a clear case for housing associations doing more to help residents into employment. Not only will it benefit those individuals, but it will also create stronger communities and support the government’s wider objectives.

The government’s Leveling up agenda is set to have a big impact on housing associations and their tenants

The government’s ambitious Leveling up agenda is set to transform the lives of many of Britain’s housing association tenants who have been left with their needs untended for far too long. This agenda can improve the quality of life and provide a much-needed source of security for those tenants that require more support than ever before. From building more homes, to providing employability support to fixing hygiene and safety issues in existing buildings, these changes are an opportunity to provide much-needed stability and hope to people facing unimaginable struggles and hardship. With this comprehensive package from the government, housing associations must go above and beyond to ensure that their tenants receive all of the helpful provisions laid out in this agenda. A brighter future awaits those engaged in housing associations – let us make sure that everyone has a chance to benefit from them.

One of the key aims of the agenda is to create more jobs, which will be good for residents

Creating more jobs for local residents is an advantage that needs to be included in any agenda aiming for positive change. The promise of job security, better wages and more career opportunities will benefit the entire community, not just those lucky enough to get new employment. More jobs mean less struggle and worries over how to make ends meet daily. Families will be able to afford basic necessities with the assurance that their financial future is secure. This would create an environment of prosperity, where children can focus on their education instead of being exposed to poverty or pressured into getting low-paying jobs out of necessity. Ultimately, having a job readily available boosts morale, leading to happier citizens who are able to give back to their communities by spending money on products and services provided locally or donated to charity towards social causes.

Housing associations need to make sure they are prepared for the changes that will come with the Leveling up agenda

In an ever-changing world, it is essential that housing associations take careful steps to ensure they are prepared for the new challenges brought by the Leveling up agenda. By doing so, employment opportunities can be maximized for their constituents – and the wider population. Investments in upskilling local young people must be made, helping the UK build a strong, sustainable workforce and developing our talent from all backgrounds. Housing associations should thoroughly consider how they can be part of this endeavour, seizing opportunities created to support employment prospects, and help move our society forward.

Employment is a vital issue for residents of housing associations, and it is important that they are given every opportunity to find work

Employment is not just important for economic well-being, it can also have a powerful influence on building self-esteem and independence. It is therefore essential that housing association residents are given multiple pathways to meaningful employment. This includes support to find quality jobs as well as opportunities to gain education, skills and experience that can help residents become more employable. Allowing residents access to job training, CV-building classes and networking events will increase their chances of job success. In addition, job creation programs within the housing associations that ensure quality work and a living wage should be implemented to provide secure long-term employment while they look for other options outside the association. Every effort should be made to help these individuals achieve self-sufficiency through meaningful work so that they can create brighter futures for themselves.

The government’s plans could have a positive impact on employment levels in housing association tenants, but only if they are properly implemented

The government’s plans to invest across the country are a welcome move, but it is of paramount importance that these plans are carried out with due diligence. These investments will no doubt have a positive impact on unemployment levels within housing associations, creating hundreds of new jobs in this sector and giving more people the opportunity to enter meaningful work. The advantages of increased employment levels in housing associations cannot be understated; not only do they spur economic growth in a positive direction, but they also create greater social mobility for those looking to enter into or advance their careers within this sector. If properly implemented, the government’s plans could have an enormously beneficial effect both economically and socially for everyone involved.


Employment is a crucial component of the levelling up agenda. By investing in job creation and training, local economies can improve. This creates a virtuous circle of growth and opportunity which is vital for communities across the UK. Housing Associations that don’t act now risk being left behind. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you, sign up for our freemium package to share our tool to help your communities find work today. You’ll receive access to our marketing toolkit, as well as other resources that can help you get started.

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