How to Widen Your Day-to-Day Tenant Services

How to Widen Your Day-to-Day Citizen Services - local authorities

“By investing in employment and skills, we can support tenants in feeling empowered and secure in their homes.” – Vince Cable, Former Secretary of State for Business.

There are a number of housing associations that are widening their day-to-day tenant services to provide employability and housing services. This is great news for tenants as it offers them more chances to improve their lives and find stability within their community. We will take a closer look at some of the ways housing associations are widening their services, and how this can benefit both tenants and the community as a whole.

1. Employment Opportunities

Housing associations often partner with local employers to create job opportunities for tenants in the area. These jobs may be short-term or long-term, depending on the needs and resources of the housing association. By providing employment opportunities, housing associations are able to give tenants a chance to get back on their feet financially as well as gain valuable work experience. Efficient employability platforms allow Housing Associations to have light-touch caseload management capabilities without having to invest in entire employability teams.

2. Financial Help and Assistance

Many housing associations offer financial help and assistance to tenants who are struggling to make ends meet. This can include debt counselling, budgeting advice, access to housing benefits, and even additional grants that can provide extra income or housing support.

3. Health Services

Housing associations also offer health services for tenants. These can include free or discounted doctor visits, mental health services, housing assistance for those who need it, and more. This helps tenants to get the care they need to stay healthy and productive members of their community.

4. Social Services

Social services are also offered by housing associations. These may include community outreach programs such as after-school activities, youth programs, adult education classes, housing support groups, and more. By providing social service resources to tenants, housing associations can help tenants build relationships with their neighbours while also learning how to better manage their daily lives.

5. Legal Aid

Housing associations often provide legal aid for tenants dealing with housing laws that they don’t understand. This can include providing guidance on housing applications, housing laws, and rental agreements. By offering legally sound advice to tenants, housing associations can ensure that tenants’ rights are respected while also helping them find housing solutions.

These are just a few of the ways housing associations are widening their day-to-day tenant services. By offering these additional resources and opportunities, housing associations are helping tenants gain stability in their lives while also creating a better community overall. As more housing associations continue to widen their day-to-day services, it is expected that tenants will experience greater success in employment, finding housing solutions and becoming productive members of their communities.


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