The 5 Key Points of a Successful Labour and Workforce Development Strategy

Workforce Development Housing Associations

“The only way to ensure the prosperity of a workforce is by investing in its development.” – Bill Gates

There are many factors to consider when developing a successful labour and workforce development strategy. Housing associations need to be able to attract and retain qualified employees, provide training and development opportunities, and meet the needs of their residents. In this blog post, we will discuss the five key points that are essential for a successful strategy in this area.

1. Housing Associations must provide meaningful employment opportunities:

Housing associations need to ensure that they are providing quality jobs for residents. This could include job training and apprenticeships, along with full-time or part-time positions. Residents should be given the opportunity to acquire the skills they will need to find a successful career in their field.

2. Housing Associations must invest in workforce development initiatives:

Housing associations should consider investing in initiatives such as workforce development programs, job fairs, and other activities that can help their workers gain skills and experience. By investing in these efforts, housing associations can create an atmosphere of opportunity for their employees which can lead to higher levels of satisfaction amongst staff members and better services for customers/residents. Additionally, by providing these services they will create opportunities for their own residents.

3. Housing Associations must embrace technology and automation:

As newer technologies become available, housing associations need to be willing to adapt and use them. This could include incorporating automation into their workforce development processes or using apps and other digital tools to streamline their operations. Automation can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide employees with new skill sets that they can use in the future.

4. Housing Associations must create an environment of inclusion:

Housing associations should strive to create a diverse workplace where everyone feels included regardless of their background or identity. This includes creating policies that ensure fair pay for all workers, promoting diversity through recruitment efforts, and offering support services such as flexible working hours or mental health resources for employees struggling with work-related issues.

5. Housing Associations must have a clear focus on the future:

Housing associations need to be aware of their long-term goals and create plans for achieving them. This includes assessing current labour needs, setting objectives for workforce development, and tracking progress throughout the process. Keeping an eye on the future is essential for any organisation’s success, and housing associations are no exception!


These five points are crucial for creating a successful labour and workforce development strategy that can benefit both employees and customers/residents alike. Housing associations should take these steps seriously in order to ensure they are doing their best to provide quality jobs, training opportunities, and support services to all those involved. Investing in this area now can help to create a brighter future for everyone!

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