Skillsminer launches Application Assistant V2.0

Apply for a vacancy in just a few minutes using our revolutionary CV Builder

We announced in the summer the launch of our revolutionary AI-powered Job Application Assistant. Harnessing the power of advanced large language models and our own proprietorial Occupational Knowledge Hub, you can create job application content in just 5 minutes. We also promised new and exciting features would be launched in the Autumn. We always keep our promises!

So today, we are excited to broadcast to our loyal customers that Job Application Assistant 2.0 is here! On top of all the exciting features that were available for the first release applicants can now:

  • Job Vacancy specific applications: Tweak templates to suit the requirement of specific jobs. We will analyse the job description and highlight the areas that require a response. We will even suggest some hypothetical answers. This means once the initial template has been honed (don’t worry we help with that too) specific job applications take a matter of minutes.
  • Content for all sections: In our first release we provided AI content for personal statements and experience. In our latest release we now provide that same magic for Projects, Awards and Hobbies. These are sections that can help make a CV stand out in the crowd but are notoriously difficult to write. Until now!
  • CV / Resume Export: Download application assistant content into a pdf, allowing instant job applications.
  • Skillzminer Coins: You can now leverage the Skillzminer Coins earned with us to unlock these new features or purchase more.

To see a preview of some of the key features have a look at our video below

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