Skillsminer Referenced at Scottish Parliament

How do you tackle a problem like occupational segregation?

That’s the challenge James Withers has been trying to address, among other things, in his “Fit for the Future” report.

Developing a post-school learning system to fuel economic transformation is a hot topic right now and addressing the Scottish Parliament’s Economy and Fair Work Committee, James took to the time to explain how there is no single vision for what good looks like in this arena. for  This inspired him to write his own report.

James believes that every individual should have equitable access to learning and opportunities. But James argues that “You can’t be what you can’t see which comes back to the need for state of the art careers advice”.

James went on to name check solutions available to tackle this problem; “I’ve also seen some pretty amazing tech platforms that are being built. There’s one called Global Bridge and there’s one called Skillzminer that are matching people’s skills and potential jobs that are on offer in a way that is fueled by AI and that is completely anonymous on issues of gender, race, background and age.”

The full committee meeting can be watched here or you can see a snippet above