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In a talent-based economy, skills are the new currency. To be successful, employers need to focus on hiring and developing employees with the right skills.

By investing in finding the right skills it also is easier for employers to building and develop a strong talent pipeline.  Ensuring they have the skilled workforce they need to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

The importance of skills-based hiring

Employers today are realising the importance of turning their recruitment practices towards skills-based hiring.  Rather than focusing simply on credentials, employee’s talents and expertise, employers can be sure that they are getting the right person for the job.

Skills-based hiring also allows employers to gain insight into how well a potential hire will work within their team. This is sometimes difficult to gauge during interviews and background checks.

With this type of hiring, employers can be more confident that they’re connecting with the people who have the necessary skills, competencies and abilities to work effectively in their positions.

How to identify the right skills for your business

Identifying the right skills for your business can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

When evaluating occupational skills, consider what answers the job you have available will require. For example:

  • Are problem-solving and decision-making abilities important?
  • What level of knowledge or experience should the candidate possess?

With transferable skills, on the other hand, look at how they could benefit the role in question.

  • Has someone got great communication skills that you could take advantage of?
  • Do their public speaking abilities make them a great fit for representing your company externally?

Asking questions like these can help break down identifying the right skills for your business into manageable steps.  This helps makes hiring new employees a less intimidating prospect.

The benefits of skills-based hiring

Skills-based hiring is an increasingly popular recruitment method, and for good reason. With this approach, companies move away from traditional job postings that list education, experience and other qualifications required for a particular job.

Instead, they focus on the employee’s existing possession of certain skills that are determined to be better predictors of their success in the role. Such skills could range from better productivity to technical expertise and more.

Up-skilling employees is also a beneficial outcome of skills-based hiring because employees can be better equipped with aptitude and knowledge that suit the demands of their current roles, as well as future positions they may want to pursue.

All these advantages make it clear why companies should consider switching to a skills-based hiring process right away.

How to implement a skills-based hiring strategy

Skills-based hiring is an ideal way to find the perfect fit for a job opening without relying on traditional recruiting methods. When you focus on occupational skills, you know that the employee will have the right skills and experience to get the job done.

This approach eliminates bias during the hiring process by focusing exclusively on what a person can bring to the table. To implement this strategy, create a job description that defines occupational qualifications with as much clarity as possible, then look for ways to measure performance or competency.

Target your recruitment efforts accordingly, outlining both professional and industry-specific qualifications when it comes time to select candidates. You want qualified professionals who are invested in their work and excited about joining your team.

Case studies of businesses that have successfully implemented skills-based hiring

Employers recognise that having the right skills to fulfil job roles is critical to maximising performance within their workplace. Many employers have been successful in diversifying their corporate hiring process by instituting skills-based hiring practices.

Case studies from various businesses have proven that implementing this type of hiring process can have a positive impact on an organisation’s ability to hire talented workers who are better equipped to fulfil the duties set forth.

Employers who choose to take part in these types of strategies often achieve greater success when it comes to finding the right candidates with job-specific skills required by their business. This leads to improved productivity and higher overall performance.

It’s essential to identify and hone the right skills for your business if you want to find top-tier talent and achieve success. Implementing a skills-based hiring strategy is the cornerstone of any successful recruiting process, as it allows you to find candidates that are suited for a role based on their qualifications and experience, not just what’s on their resume.

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