Get ready for Workforce Agility made easy

Our customers have often asked if they could visualise their employees skills in the same way as they can for their employment and skills participants.

From the New Year the answer is yes; we are launching our Mobilise product that will allow you to maximise productivity and growth by:

  • Utilising our skills-based talent pools empowers you to establish your own customised talent pool, comprising both internal and external candidates, providing a valuable resource to recruit for vacancies or leverage for projects.

  • Enabling your workforce to enhance their skills and engage in continuous learning, leading to heightened productivity and sustainable growth

  • Enhancing internal mobility by providing a comprehensive view of your organisation’s individual and collective skills, facilitating effective succession planning, departmental comparisons and comprehensive organisational charts

In the past, understanding workforce data to effectively manoeuvre employees into different roles or projects has, in most cases ,been unmanageable. Firstly, there is rarely structured data on the quantifiable skills of employees or comparable data on the requirements of roles or projects. As a result, decisions are often made based on qualitative input such as the opinion of a line manager who will subjectively measure skills and attitude. Whilst this information is useful it seldom reflects the occupational skills, knowledge and competencies required of a specific role. Another consequence of unintelligible workforce data is employee stagnation, employees incorrectly assigned to new roles or projects, or worst of all, employees will often move to the competition.

Skillzminer enables you to profile every employee in your workforce and visualise their skills in detail. Following the 5 minute onboarding process they’ll have access to training resources or internal opportunities – all in one place. Strategically, Skillzminer can help you make the best decisions on how to deploy your workforce, recognise hidden talent for projects, identify high-performers for succession planning which will, in turn, reduce turnover and friction.

Workforce Agility or Internal Mobility solutions have been available in the market for a little while now but they have generally been aimed at huge organisations and requiring intensive implementation and ongoing maintenance. Our solution works for organisations of any size! The only prerequisite is that you want to get the most of your colleagues skills and reduce churn.

And here is the best bit! If you are already building an external talent pool through our existing products, Mobilise will give you access to an even wider range of talent to allow you allow career progression and back-filling of roles.

Early adopters of our platform will get free access to Mobilise. So if you are already a customer or thinking of becoming one let us know quickly to take advantage of this amazing offer.

So, if you would like to learn more, contact us using one of the methods below and start the journey towards workforce agility.

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