Economic Regeneration: The Role of Employability

Economic Regeneration: The Role of Employability - local authorities

“Regeneration is an essential part of the modern economy, providing real opportunities for sustainable employment and skills development.” – David Wilding, Employment & Skills Consultant.

Housing associations have a vital role to play in economic regeneration. Increasing the employability of tenants is one of the most effective ways to achieve this. Tenants who are able to work are more likely to feel positive about their neighbourhood and be more engaged with their community. In addition, they are more likely to take pride in their home and be less likely to experience anti-social behaviour. Here are three key ways in which housing associations can use employability to drive economic regeneration:

1. Develop effective strategies for job-seeking:

Housing associations should provide tenants with effective job search and career development advice, such as CV writing workshops, interview preparation and practical guidance on how to find suitable jobs. This will enable tenants to gain the skills and confidence needed for successful employment. The can also utilise digital employability platforms that will support their tenants journey towards employment

2. Connect employers with potential employees:

Housing associations should build relationships with local employers who could offer meaningful work to tenants. Establishing links with these employers could open up access to apprenticeships, internships and other job opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to the tenant population. Again, digital employability platforms can join up tenants and employers reducing the manual intervention required by housing associations.

3. Create training programs tailored to tenant needs:

Housing associations should develop and deliver training courses for tenants to meet the specific needs of local employers. This could include basic skills training, career-specific skills or literacy and numeracy classes. In the current round of austerity leaning on digital support tools will also support Housing Associations achieve their goals.


By implementing these measures, housing associations will play a major role in improving the employability of their tenants and, ultimately, driving economic regeneration. The data is in: employability and employment are key to economic regeneration. There are many ways to increase both, but it starts with a commitment from policymakers, businesses, and individuals. Are you committed to doing your part? If so, sign up for one of our freemium packages today and receive a free marketing toolkit that will help you get started. With this valuable resource, you can begin taking concrete steps toward increasing employability and employment in your community. Register now and let’s get to work!

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