Midlands jobseekers to to get helping hand

Housing charity Acis Group has teamed up with Skillzminer to help its customers looking to transform their careers.

two woman in an office looking at a laptop

Acis Group, which has more than 7,000 homes and works across South Yorkshire and the East Midlands, delivers a number of programmes to help people pick up new skills and find work that’s right for them.

It has enlisted the support of Skillzminer – an innovative new job matching platform which offers people a chance to change their career fortunes in just four minutes.

Users answer a few questions in the time it takes to make a hot drink and find jobs they are suited to, based on their skills, interests and working styles – often jobs they never thought they could do.

After identifying someone’s transferable skills through innovative artificial intelligence software, Skillzminer opens up access to one million live UK jobs and 50,000 educational resources.

The platform has been developed by a team of experts from the world of teaching, employability and technology, and removes any background or gender bias, meaning employers improve their social responsibility by recruiting people based on their true skills, abilities and potential.

Acis Group delivers programmes directly to customers in their homes, but also through contracted provision via its subsidiary, Riverside Training.

Sean Brennan, Insight Manager at Acis Group, said: “We want everyone to be able to achieve their full potential, and Skillzminer helps us to do that. We’re already starting to see the positive impact it can have on people’s lives by opening up career pathways people had never even thought of.”

Kirsty Mitchell, Managing Director at Skillzminer, said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Acis Group. We can’t wait to start supporting their customers to unearth their potential.

“If we look for work in the same way, we’ll see the same types of jobs come up time after time. But our labour market is changing considerably, so now is the perfect time for people to find work in jobs that really suits them.”

Skillzminer has already proven to be an effective tool, matching candidates with 12 times more jobs than they would through a traditional job search and helped to support thousands of unemployed people find work and training.

Do you help people to find work? Are you struggling to recruit? Get in touch today to see how Skillzminer could work for you.