Recruiter videos

Adding a new vacancy in under 5 minutes.

  • Add Job Description
  • Select relevant occupational family
  • Select Public and Private Settings
  • Define Style and Interest Requirements

Managing your vacancies has never been so simple:

  • Manage your list of vacancies
  • Edit vacancies
  • Filter and Sort Vacancies
  • Open and Closed Vacancies

Don’t just wait for talent to come to you.

  • Use the Talent Hub
  • Filter and Sort
  • Identify the best talent
  • Shortlist & Remove
  • Invite to Apply
  • Hire

If you have purchased Talent Search Credits to find external talent ; tet us help you find the best potential candidates for your vacancies

Use keywords to find the right candidates

Utilise multiple occupations

Please note these features only work if you have Talent Search Credits

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